Decorative And Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Custom Decorative Concrete And Epoxy Flooring - Ontario, Canada
Toronto based commercial decorative concrete and epoxy flooring company primarily serving southern Ontario and greater Toronto area.

Working with clients to create unique, decorative and colourful concrete floor staining and metallic epoxy seamless floor finishes that are unparalleled by any other type of commercial flooring material available on the market.

Our metallic epoxy flooring system is suitable for virtually any indoor concrete floors regardless of their current condition as long as the concrete floor slab is solid in nature.

 Our mission is to produce unique and attractive decorative concrete flooring tailored to each client's specification, through creativity.and our many years of hands on experience.

Decorative concrete and epoxy flooring is relatively inexpensive method to produce rich floors in appearance that will last.

Please contact us to customize your old or new concrete floor surface to one of kind flooring of your liking.
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